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Canadian Psychological Association (CPA, 2022) Conference in Calgary, Alberta
CPA Conference (2022): Section dinner with members of the International and Cross-Cultural Psychology. 
Fall 2020: End of Semester Online Celebration (Pandemic Style)
First Row (from left to right): Rima Hanna, Ashna Jassi, and Saghar Chahar-Mahali.
Middle Row: Jaiden Herkimer, Elcin Ray-Yol, and Rashelle Litchmore.
Third row: Saba Safdar and our sweet Magpie, Hajar Soltan, and Amelia Edmonds.
Winter 2020: Celebrating Omorowa and Kim’s MA defense.
From left to right: Laura Andrade, Ashna Jassi, Omorowa Eguakun, Elcin Ray-Yol, Alexis fabricius, Saghar Chahar Mahali, Saba Safdar, Sara Hosseini-Nezhad, Kimberley Goh, Rima Hanna, and Melisa Choubak
2019 Christmas Party:
Top row left to right: Brittany Pompilii, Tristan Kimball, Saghar chahar Mahali, Roha Hena, Laura Andrade
Bottom row left to Right: Sarah Martinez, Kimberley Goh, Elcin Ray-Yol, Saba Safdar,Our sweet Magpie, Omorowa Eguakun, Rima Hanna, Ashna Jassi.
Fall semester 2018: Annual Centre for Cross-Cultural Research Lab Potluck
From left to right: J. Rees Lewis, Prasa Urithirakodeeswaran, Laura Kassymova, Omorowa Eguakun, Nerea Hernaiz Agreda, Alejandro Gil Salmeron, Ashna Jassi, Kimberley Goh
front: Saba Safdar, Neil Horning, Brittany Pompilii

Fall semester 2018, some members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
Top row left to right: Katrina Foster, Omorowa Eguakun, Ashna Jassi, Saba Safdar, Kimberley Goh, Alejandro Gil Salmeron
Bottom row left to right: Brittany Pompilii, Neil Horning, Nerea Hernaiz

July 2018
Members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research lab with Prof. John Berry (centre) and Prof. Gira Bhatt (far right) at the IACCP Congress in Guelph

July 2018
Several members from the 24th Annual IACCP Congress

July 2018
IACCP Geniuses!
Left to right: Kimberley Goh, Maryam Motia, Ashna Jassi, Paul Copoc

July 2018
IACCP Genius, Maryam Motia

Winter semester 2018, members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
Left to right: Ashna Jassi, Haley, Maryam Motia, Paul Copoc, Kimberley Goh, Saba Vejdani, Laura Kassymova, Saba Safdar, Andrea Haenni Hoti, Roha Hena, Omorowa Eguakun

Fall semester 2017, members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research 
Top row, left to right: Maryam Motia, Saba Vejdani, Laura Kassymova, Omorowa Eguakun, Saba Safdar, Kimberley Goh, Rachel Winer, Roha Hena
Bottom row, left to right: Paul Copoc, Ashna Jassi, Sahel Sarai

Winter semester 2017, members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
Left to right: Saba Safdar, Ashna Jassi, Stephanie Koutsoulianos, Laura Kassymova, Maryam Motia

Fall semester 2016, members of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Research
Left to right: Roha Hena, Ashna Jassi, Melisa Choubak, Sadie Goddard-Durant, Bhavya Dhawan, Saba Safdar, Montana McDonald

Symposium by members of Centre for Cross-Cultural Research at the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) conference, Chiapas, Mexico (July 2015).
From left to right: Melisa Choubak, Saba Safdar, Raquel Ferrer, Colin Scott, Daniela Hekiert

Graduation ceremony, Rashelle Litchmore (Ph.D.) with Prof. Saba Safdar and President of U of G, Prof. Franco Vaccarino

Members of Centre for Cross-Cultural Research 2014/15
Standing from left to right: Rashelle Litchmore, Raquel Ferrer, Melisa Choubak  
Sitting from left to right: Daniela Hekiert, Kim Chuong

Graduate students, research assistants, and honours students, end of semester gathering (April 2015)

Members of Centre for Cross-Cultural Research 2013-14
From left (standing): Laura Kassymova, Angela Cerdena D’Unian, Kim Chuong, Joel Martini, Vanessa Hazell, Rashelle Litchmore, Stryker Calvez, Colin Scott, 
From left (sitting): Melisa Choubak, Saba Safdar, Shabana Bano

Members of Centre for Cross-Cultural Research 2012/13
From Left: Stryker Calvez, Colin Scott, Snow Gui, Rashelle Litchmore, Melisa Choubak, Vanessa Hazell, Saba Safdar, & Kim Choung