The Canadian National Panel for the International Union of Psychological Science (CNP/IUPsyS) is a newly formed group that works closely with the CPA’s International Relations Committee to regularly evaluate how it can most effectively represent and address matters pertaining to the CPA. The new Terms of Reference for CNP/IUPsyS was approved by the CPA Board (in 2020) in support of Canada’s affiliation with the CNP/IUPsyS. The composition of membership for CNP/IUPsyS is as follow:

CNP Head: Saba Safdar
Chair of the CPA International Relations Committee: Jennifer Veitch
Chair of the CPA Scientific Affairs Committee: Jean Saint-Aubin
Two CPA Canadian delegates to the IUPsyS General Assembly: John Berry & Saba Safdar
Three members-at-large: Lindsay McCunn (Environmental Section), Thomas Teo (History Section), Stryker Calvez (Indigenous People’s Psychology)
Student Rep: Christopher Hinbest (MA student, Ontario Tech University)
The CPA Chief Executive Officer (CEO, as an observer): Karen R. Cohen

Click here for Terms of Reference.